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Most businesses take IT security extremely seriously, yet print devices are often overlooked as part of this process and yet they pose a significant risk if they are not properly managed.

A photocopier or multi-functional devices (MFD) stores a significant amount of information through copying, scanning and printing on a daily basis. These devices contain hard drives and data is often stored in the cloud which means that if not properly secured then your valuable data could fall into the wrong hands.

Recent EU data legislation stipulates that businesses could be liable for a fine of up to £500,000 if found to be breaching data protection laws and not adequately protecting company and customer data.

Recent news coverage regarding data breaches from several high profile brands demonstrates how easily data can fall into the wrong hands if not properly protected. We advise and provide the latest solutions to protect your documents, ensuring they remain in safe hands.

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IT Document Solutions is an innovative and exemplary provider of managed print and document solutions, providing business consultancy and service support for businesses and organisations across the UK.

We help our customers optimise their IT print and document infrastructure to enhance both their systems and environmental performance while also reducing costs, to help increase profitability, and maximising return on investment.

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