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Professional Services

The professional services industry is heavily regulated and today’s firms face an increasing amount of pressure. 

There are many elements to consider, chargeable rates are falling, forcing firms to reduce operating costs in an effort to remain competitive and profitable.

We understand the complexities that professional services companies face and have created print and document solutions aimed specifically at this sector.

These enable firms to increase their all-important billable hours, whilst ensuring they exceed targets and making paperwork is handled at optimum speed and accuracy, reducing the dependency on repetitive manual tasks wherever possible.

This will serve to reduce the overall workload burden being handled and encourage agility to deliver growth in today’s market.


of companies spend at least 10 minutes per day retyping incorrect invoice information


of an organisation’s revenues are spent on creating, managing and distributing documents


of companies struggle to understand print usage


of organisations say that keeping IT admin to a minimum is a major challenge for their existing print infrastructure


Cost control


Service quality


Client experience


Compliance obligations


Visibility & tracking


What our clients say

"The refreshed solution provided by ITDS has delivered great results, the implantation was seamless alongside our office move and users now benefit from devices offering better functionality. It’s refreshing to work with a partner that advises on enhancing a solution rather than a complete overhaul."

Harrods Bank

How we can help

We have developed a portfolio of solutions specifically to assist professional services firms in delivering all forms of information quickly, effectively and securely to staff and clients.

Improve the workflow of documents so that information can be readily shared, which not only improves communication and client relationships, it also reduces the reliance on paper.
Demonstrate value to your clients with precise and accurate charging that ensures the right costs are charged to the right client with clear visibility of costs.
Gain greater visibility to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and legislation. Through our solutions we ensure rigorous controls over how data is accessed, providing a facility to track when and how documents are accessed.
Managing the inflow and outflow of both digital and paper-based information can be a challenge. Automate business processes, manage responses to any type of input and optimise customer service workflows.
The automation of key processes such as invoice processing helps organisations to manage their cashflow, reducing administration costs and increasing costly man hours within the department.
Our managed print solutions provide greater visibility of how print is being used across the business and rules can be put in place to increase the efficiency and security of your business, putting you firmly back in control.
Foster collaboration across your business without comprising on security. If there are distributed teams working on a shared project or case restrict access to electronic files version control functionality ensures you meet your regulatory obligations.

See the benefits for yourself. Find out how Harrods Bank benefitted from a technology refresh. Download case study


We work with professional services organisations of all sizes across the country from independent firms through to major corporate institutions.

The scalability of our solutions meets the needs of any business, accommodating mergers and acquisitions and keeping pace with demand.

ITDS consultants work in partnership to tackle pain point across your business and provide solutions that provide positive impacts, deliver real value and provide true ROI.

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