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Managing a company’s print environment can be tricky. Multiple devices, multiple sites, differing user requirements, can all cause your IT department major headaches. Not only is there costly downtime and a stretch on resources, it places a significant burden on the network, hampering productivity and response times.

Global Print 360 has helped many businesses completely eliminate the need for print servers by delivering a centrally managed direct IP printing solution. Viable alternatives to print servers up until now have been limited, but technological advances have made it possible, creating flexible print environments that provide convenience to the end-user and greater functionality, without excessive hardware costs.

A cost-effective alternative to print servers:

Direct IP printing eliminates the need for print servers. When printing to local printers, all jobs are spooled and released locally, so no print jobs pass over WAN connections, which frees up the network.
Removing and adding devices is really simple, you can manage all drivers across a mixed fleet from one portal, end users can login and pull any changes and drivers required.
Keeps all print jobs local and removes single points of failure.
Reduces hardware infrastructure costs.
When the central management server goes offline, everyone can still print.
Removes hardware from remote locations, providing ease of management and less costly print infrastructure.
Uses one single secure web app to manage the entire print environment.
Users can print to any device on the network, wherever they are, reducing costly helpdesk calls.
The pull printing module overcomes this issue, putting measures in place to securely print to any device on the network, whilst still ensuring that documents remain secure.
Global Print 360 is available as a fully managed cloud environment, private cloud or as an on-premise version, you can choose whichever option best suits your needs.

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