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Affordable and scalable per box per month billing that BEATS any self-storage option with additional value added services i.e. indexing, retrieval, collection and assurance. Reduce your costs and regain control of your paper archive.

Despite the rise in digital technologies, paper-based documents are still a vital element to business.  The need to ensure that your documents are stored, managed and protected is vital to adhere to industry legislation and to ensure your business remains compliant.  So it’s important to have a structured procedure in place for safe and secure long-term document retention. 

If your office is becoming overloaded with documents, avoid the endless stacks of archive boxes taking up vital office space and the tireless search for documents with a secure, offsite storage and retrieval service.  There is a misconception that self-storage is a cheaper option, but in fact we can beat these prices, offering a secure, cost-effective alternative.


Take back control - The benefits of offsite document storage:

  • Cost effective – On average 45% cheaper than traditional self-storage.
  • Stay complaint - Adhere to the relevant codes of practice and industry regulations in regards to retention of business documents.
  • More storage space - Free up vital and expensive storage space within your own premises.
  • Reduce risks – Flood, fire, accidental damage, rest assured your documents are protected, with a structured approach to disaster recovery.
  • Easy access - Indexing of documents to ensure quick and easy retrieval.
  • Safe disposal - Confidential waste destruction to ensure sensitive documents are disposed of appropriately.
  • Scalable - Large capacity 27,000 sqft to warehouse to store your documents.
  • Safe and secure - Latest security measures in place to ensure documents remain protected.


ITDS Offsite Document Storage & Retrieval

At ITDS we offer a range of document storage solutions, ranging from electronic management systems through to physical storage solutions for hard copy documents that need to be retained. We have a proven approach which covers documents storage from collection, barcoding, retrieval and delivery


  • Document boxes can be collected from any location in the UK or mainland Europe.
  • Accurate barcode recording system, which provides exact locations and real-time updates on the status of your files.
  • Depending on your preferred options, we will list your box numbers or box and file numbers using your own reference listing systems.
  • Files are given a unique barcode that is also listed on your own generic storage inventory list, which you can use to check on or retrieve your files and documents.
  • Barcode and dispatch system enables swift retrieval requests and delivery to your work premises within 24 hours.
  • Full tracking from our warehouse to your office and back again using GPS scanners, which assists with compliance policies and adherence to industry legislation.
  • Hand delivery of files directly to your nominated on-site contact and collection of any files or boxes to be returned to storage.
  • Trackable deliveries that let you know when your records will be with you or if you prefer we can offer a set day am/pm delivery as often as you like. 
  • If you prefer to access your files on your desktop PC or mobile device, we can assist you with managing your current documents, as well as your archived files.




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