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Sunrise Senior Living improve their print operations and drive efficiencies across the business

In 1981 the very first Sunrise facility opened its doors. Founded by Paul and Terry Klaassen, their vision was to create a place that championed the quality of life for seniors in a homelike, person-centred setting.

Sunrise Senior Living & Gracewell Healthcare are part of the Welltower Group, Welltower delivers the healthcare infrastructure necessary to facilitate better treatment at lower costs and keep patients out of the hospital.

Sunrise delivers resident-centred care services to well over 2,000 residents in the UK. In addition to 60 care homes across the country, they have hundreds of other communities in the USA and Canada. Each care home offers personalised care services based on individual needs. These range from basic care and help with the tasks of everyday living to nursing care in those care homes that are registered to provide nursing care and dementia care.



Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare faced a very typical problem for multi-site organisations. Managing over 60 sites across the country, the business had an array of print and copy devices procured over many years, with little or no visibility of their print operations and the costs they were incurring. Over recent years, healthcare like many industry sectors has seen a pressure on costs, and print was identified as an area for potential savings, increased security, and data compliance.

There was no uniformity to purchasing. Devices were bought ad-hoc as required, with an array of desktop and photocopier brands including Samsung, Canon, HP, Dell and Ricoh. The current setup was proving to be extremely expensive and hard to administer.

Desktop printers were often purchased without a service contract and were extremely expensive to run.  Consumables for print devices were often purchased through a mix of local and national supply chain and were not always linked into a managed print contract. Again, this was a costlier route to purchase, with different types of toner and ink required for the various manufacturers’ and models.

From a support perspective, office printing across the business proved to be a real headache for the internal IT team, having to deal with machines being down, running out of toner and going offline, all put further strain on an already stretched helpdesk service.

There was a desire to consolidate not just the number of devices, but also the types of equipment being used so that it was consistent across the entire fleet. The current print infrastructure was extremely expensive to run, and it was imperative that the new solution reduced the total cost of ownership, so that these savings could be reinvested back into the organisation.

With a large number of devices purchased from different suppliers, across different agreements, with varying end dates, the fleet was cumbersome to manage. Taking a more strategic approach and working with one central print and document solutions partner, would be added value to the business and provide a sustainable long-term solution which would drive efficiencies across the organisation.


After reviewing their options, Sunrise Senior Living (SSL) and Gracewell Healthcare were introduced to IT Document Solutions by a procurement consultant. They were looking for a traditional business model and wanted a straightforward, transparent approach to managing their future print operation and the approach provided by IT Document Solutions complemented this perfectly.

Jermaine Weeden, Director at IT Document Solutions, commented:

“As a technology partner we are able to provide IT and professional services far beyond that of a conventional copier company.”

The process started with a detailed review of the print infrastructure in place across the business, identifying the types and number of devices across each site, how much was being printed, and length of contracts to ascertain where savings and efficiencies could be made.

The business required uniformity across the fleet and so a decision was made to implement a range of Toshiba devices. Toshiba’s new e-bridge next generation of devices come with a large LCD touch screen which is intuitive to use. Not only did this provide consistency, but should staff print across sites, they would be familiar with the technology.

Due to the size of the fleet and the fact that some devices were still fit for purpose, IT Document Solutions recommended a staged implementation across the 60 sites, as new devices were needed and contracts ended. Toshiba multi-functional devices alongside strategically deployed Toshiba desktops, provided fresh hardware, integrated with remote diagnostic software, ITDS Lifecycle Manager, which helped to enhance print performance and report on device utilisation.

All the new devices across the network are managed using a print management solution ‘ITDS Global Print 360’, which enables secure printing from shared workgroup devices, removing the need for individual desktop printers. Prints can be securely retrieved via a proximity card. These are set up and managed by the ITDS professional services team on behalf of SSL’s Internal IT team. The resource provided by IT Document Solutions has enabled the SSL IT Support team to continue with the day to day running of the IT estate.

The care homes had previously been struggling with high print volumes and high costs. However, through the ITDS Continuous Improvement Programme both of these elements have been significantly reduced and are assisting with transformation processes to improve the way documents are handled across the business.

Overall, the solution took a partnership approach. From the ITDS helpdesk through to senior management, there is a clear escalation process in place to deliver best practice for Sunrise and Gracewell. ITDS as a service provider that offer a tremendous amount of value, with regular service reviews to ensure delivery against KPI’s and tracking of SLAs on performance.


Through the technology and solutions provided the care homes now benefit from an end-to-end managed print solution. The fleet has been streamlined and rationalised to provide the right devices in the right locations that are fit for purpose.

Christopher Dean, Procurement Director at Sunrise Senior Living added:

“The new Managed Print Solution has transformed the print operation across the Sunrise business. There is now uniformity across the fleet, which has led to significant savings and made the management of the print network far easier for our users and support staff.”

With so many devices across the network, managing office printing was previously problematic for the helpdesk. The new solution has removed the management burden from internal IT teams, freeing up their time to focus on other core tasks for the business. ITDS Lifecycle Manager remote diagnostic software enables greater visibility of the network and the ITDS team are alerted to any problems with the devices, so they can be resolved as quickly as possible, ensuring maximum uptime.

The implementation of smart processes such as automated toner replenishment provides consumables, just as they are needed. No more stockpiling multiple toners or unnecessary internal management. Meter readings are automatically pulled from all the devices on the network, so in-house productivity can be improved and ensures accurate billing based on what is actually being printed.

Print costs have been drastically reduced, significant savings have been achieved in excess of 30%, with additional incremental savings across the lifetime of the contract. From a sustainability perspective, print waste has been reduced and newer smarter technology has resulted in lower power consumption, producing a greener footprint for the business.

Thanks to Global Print 360 not only can staff now print securely, they can roam between locations without the need for additional print drivers. Working in a virtualized environment makes management easier and removes the need for localised print servers or middleware. On a deployment of this size the savings are significant not just financially, but in terms of resources that can be redeployed and utilised elsewhere.

The shift in procurement to a centralised model for hardware and consumables has made management far easier and more cost effective. The continual tracking through ITDS Lifecycle Manager provides greater visibility of what’s being printed and by whom, so that continual improvements can be made to drive further efficiencies for the business.

It was imperative that any new solution integrated with existing systems, like CareConnect™, a sector specific industry software package. Huge investment has been made to help digitise the high volume of documents that have to be recorded electronically, stored and transmitted securely to adhere with compliance regulations. In order to future proof the solution IT Document Solutions will continue to consult with Sunrise Senior Living to help move the business forward using technology to achieve their objectives around document solutions.

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