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We all experience customer service, good, bad or indifferent many times across our day, but what does customer service mean to you and your business? Jermaine Weeden, Sales Director at IT Document Solutions, gives his insights on what makes customer service exceptional and why he created a "Client Performance Charter".

At IT Document Solutions we talk to many potential clients every week, and the common complaint is poor customer service. It’s amazing how companies and account managers forget very quickly who gives them the business, and who ultimately pays the bills.

So, what makes up good customer service?

Good customer service provides an experience that meets customer expectations and produces satisfied customers.”

I can’t take the credit for the statement above; however, I do agree wholeheartedly. We should all strive to produce satisfied customers.

During my early working life, my first taste of the industry was working for an American Global Company called ‘Lanier Worldwide’. Lanier had an entire business ethic called ‘Customer Vision’, which was encompassed in everything we did… I know it sounds corny, however the motto was “walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes” and it talked about external and internal clients i.e. the people we rely on, all day, every day within our business.

When I set up IT Document Solutions Ltd my main aim was to ensure our clients get the personal experience I expect from my suppliers.  As a result, we created the ‘Client Performance Charter’, it’s a promise to all of our customers of what they can expect when dealing with us and these values are central to our business today:

  • Respond to emails
  • Call people back
  • Act swiftly and efficiently when a problem occurs
  • Always follow it up
  • Be polite and courteous

If customer service is important to you and your business we would be happy to hear from you. Email me via jermaine.weeden@itdocumentsolutions.com or call 0207 101 0096.


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