How Quantum Computing Can Benefit the Managed Print Service Industry

In 2017 a breakthrough was made in the field of quantum computing with the development of a silicon chip that is capable of processing vast amounts of data and information in a matter of milliseconds. This new computing breakthrough is particularly interesting as early indications are that it could be impenetrable to attacks from cyber criminals and hackers. Although this innovative technology is in the very early stages of development, many in the managed print service industry are already taking note of it and looking towards the dawn of the quantum computing age.

What is Quantum Computing?

Subatomic particles have an ability to exist in multiple states at any one time. Due to this unique state and the way these miniscule particles act they can perform calculations much more quickly than normal computers. They also don’t expend as much energy.

In mainstream computing a single particle of information (usually called a bit) exists in binary as 0 or 1. The difference is that “quantum bits” or “qbits” are used in quantum computing. These “qbits” can store massive amounts of information, far more than just 0 or 1.

Alexey Fedoroy, a physicist at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, explains quantum computing as being somewhat like an “imaginary sphere”. A “qbit” can appear at any point on a sphere, whereas a normal bit can appear in two states and sit at either ends of the sphere.

The Security Benefit of Quantum Computing

For processing very large amounts of data quickly, quantum computing is far superior to today’s normal computing methods. Early indications are that they will be resistant to hacking, as quantum technology is still being developed that will resist any hacking attempts.

Therefore, any data stored on quantum computers and printed to external multi-function devices will be much more secure. In today’s data security centric world, this is a huge advantage.

What Will Quantum Computing Mean for the Managed Print Service Industry?

Although it isn’t likely that quantum computing will become mainstream for another few years, it is a new and emerging technology that the managed print service industry is looking at with great interest. With the amount of data collected and printed by organisations growing on an almost daily basis, computers will need to be powerful enough to keep up with the analysis of that data and multi-function devices will need to be quicker and more resilient and secure when it comes to the printing of data.

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