The Growth of Technology Hubs and the Managed Print Service Industry

At one time Silicon Valley was the place to be when it came to technology and innovation. However, a recent survey commissioned by KPMG* found that more than half of the respondents believe that Silicon Valley will no longer be the innovation and technology centre of the globe in four years and that other more up and coming centres will prevail.

There are many other leading technology innovation hubs that are growing and will be dominant over Silicon Valley in the next four years, such as New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai, Boston and of course, London.  Tapping into these innovation and technology hubs can provide a myriad of opportunities for the managed print service industry and even in 2019 the multi-function printer is still just as important in the office as the coffee machine.

Many technology and innovation hubs spur on economic growth, and there are many factors to consider when fostering innovation around the managed print service industry. These factors amalgamate into environments where ideas, collaboration, creativity and ideas lead the way and they include:

  • Urban locations that attract Millennials
  • A strong pool of skilled talent
  • Positive trends for demographics
  • The availability of a University that focuses on research and development
  • A base of technology parks and accelerators
  • Start-up exits
  • Government and tax incentives
  • Investment funding in abundance
  • 5G or high-speed bandwidth and infrastructure

Further research undertaken in October 2018 by Quocirca** found that managed print service providers are some of the first to jump onto these technology and innovation hubs. Moreover, doing so helps to increase their business and in turn help the hubs become more efficient through the automation of workflows and the digitisation of documents.

Overall, the research found that 65% of organisations expect their managed print service budgets to rise over the next 12 months, which is unchanged from the previous year. Forward thinking managed print service providers should be looking at technology and innovation hubs in order to grow.

As the core services provided by the managed print service industry continues to grow, more traditional providers should be looking to simplify their offerings and ensure they are more proficient in areas such as data, analytics, cyber security and the internet of things (IoT).  The future of the managed print service industry relies on them offering a wide range of services and tapping into technology and innovation hubs as a way of developing deeper partnerships across the whole IT landscape.

IT Document Solutions head office is located near Croydon regarded as a “Tech City” surrounded by many top schools and industry leading businesses, and of course Gatwick Airport. The South East continues to innovate and help boost the UK and Global economy. Our focus has shifted from printed pages to the productivity of staff and helping businesses adopt technology in order to become more productive and profitable. AI and Process Automation is our future, dealing with the data created by doing business is a real challenge that we can help with.

IT Document Solutions is an AWARD winning trusted provider of managed print and document solutions to businesses across the UK and Europe.  The company provides a structured and transparent approach to the printing and management of documents to reduce costs, reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Our mission is to help clients’ achieve better value from their office technology and to improve their efficiency, and productivity, by offering paper-less solutions that streamline and automate the workflow of documents.

* - KPMG Technology Innovation Hubs

** - Quocirca Managed Print Services Landscape 2018

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