The demands on an IT helpdesk

The demands on an IT helpdesk

Today’s IT teams have so much to manage.  Quite often if it’s on the network then the buck stops with them and they have many different hats to juggle in terms of technology management across an organisation.  Printing devices often fall into this category and can be a distraction.

Just imagine what else you could be doing if you weren’t managing your printers……

An IT helpdesk job is demanding enough, throw troublesome printers into the mix and it can be a real headache.  Lifecycle Manager is a remote monitoring tool that provides rich functionality to ease the management burden and take the stress away from managing the print network through a host of clever features:

Job ticketing
The intuitive system identifies problems on the network and automatically creates a ticket within the helpdesk system, enabling the ITDS team to deal with any issues promptly.  This could be a critical error on a device, a device offline or a device flagging that it’s out of toner for example.

Device uptime
Because any issues are quickly alerted it means they can be addressed as a priority.  The majority of the issues can be fixed remotely, however on-site engineers can be quickly deployed if required.  So device uptime is maximised and user satisfaction is increased.

Balanced deployment
The key to retaining an efficient and productive print network is constant monitoring.  Our teams continually track print use across all devices on the network, ensuring that the print output volumes correspond with the capability of each device. This is important to ensure the right devices are deployed in the right areas and can be relocated if necessary and that print costs remain as cost-effective as possible.

Automated toner replenishment
Stockpiling toner can be expensive, especially for multi-brand deployments.  With Lifecycle Manager toner is delivered just as needed, thanks to clever monitoring of toner levels.  This provides a much more cost-effective solution and removes the headache of storing toners onsite.

Automatic meter readings
Meter readings are pulled from the device automatically.  Manual intervention is no longer required, freeing up staff time and providing prompt and accurate billing, based on what’s actually being printed. Significant savings can be made, especially across large, multi-site deployments.

At IT Document Solutions, we work with a range of businesses to successfully manage the print network on their behalf, freeing up vital man hours for IT teams across the country. Taking the focus off managing the print estate, leaves IT teams the time to focus on other core areas of the business.

Transform your business today. To see how Lifecycle Manager can improve the management of your print fleet and boost the productivity of your team, please contact us to arrange a free demo.

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