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Ricoh’s new intelligent devices, offer outstanding quality, reliability and security, plus on-demand access to the latest technology.

Ricoh’s new intelligent devices provide access to the latest technology through updates made directly to the device as required – so its capabilities are scalable to grow alongside your business.

Download the latest features, upgrades and applications as needed, to keep the device up to date and ready to meet your business needs – now and in the future. These new intelligent devices not only deliver the latest technology and outstanding print output, but are inherently designed to operate sustainably and securely.

Outstanding print quality

Ricoh’s advanced printing technologies deliver sharp text and true colour without saturation, so the best quality print results are achieved every time with print speeds ranging from 27ppm up to 60ppm.

But, Ricoh intelligent devices delivers much more than excellent print results – it’s the hub for business’ document management workflow. Digitising document processes to enable swift yet secure access to information as it’s needed.

Easily connect mobile devices using Ricoh Smart Device Connector and other mobile applications to print, scan and access documents seamlessly.

Intuitive design, easy to use

All devices include a user-friendly ‘Smart Operation Panel’. The panel’s touch interface mimics that of your smart device, so it’s immediately familiar and intuitive. The Smart Operation Panel user experience is consistent across multiple Ricoh devices, so once you’ve learned to use one device, you can use them all.

The panel is fully customisable providing the ability to add a company logo and personalise it by user – giving instant access to frequently used functions, improving the user experience.

Outstanding fully integrated security

Ricoh technology is renowned for protecting business data throughout its entire lifecycle – from solutions such as user authentication which prevents sensitive documents from being viewed, copied or sent by unauthorised users, to hard drive surrender services for the device at its end of life.

Ricoh’s unique Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS) is designed to overwrite the areas of the hard drive used for image processing after each printing, copy, scan or fax job. You can also protect sensitive documents with the Streamline NX secure release feature that restricts access to print output to the document owners only.

Ricoh’s devices have been certified to conform to the IEEE 2600 security standard.  This standard defines the minimum requirements for security features used by devices that require a high level of document security, establishing a common baseline of security expectations for both printers and multifunction printers.

Minimise your business’ carbon footprint

Ricoh’s intelligent devices have one of the lowest energy consumption levels in the industry, both in Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) and actual power consumption.

Smart functionality such as default auto off timer setting and motion sensors lowers power consumption, running costs and carbon footprint when the device is not active – while a quick recovery time makes sure there is no impact on your productivity.

The latest intelligent devices allow your business to optimise waste management and re-use valuable resources, to cut costs and reduce environmental harm, making a significant environment impact.

To see the benefits for yourself please contact our team to arrange a FREE demo of the latest range of Ricoh Intelligent Devices.

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