It’s no surprise that Managed Print Service (MPS) are on the increase, the potential benefits they can bring to a business are immense.  Adopting an effective MPS programme enables organisations to dramatically improve their business operations, improving business efficiency, productivity, sustainability and security in the process. 


This is achieved by monitoring the fleet regularly and implementing improvements to ensure the managed print service continues to evolve with the organisation’s needs. There are a raft of suppliers that provide MPS but buyer beware, choose an experienced provider who takes the time to truly understand your business and unique requirements.  Get this right and an MPS approach can bring a host of benefits and make a significant impact:


  1. Saves time and improves efficiency


Managing a print fleet can be a real headache internally, especially if multiple departments are involved. Often downtime or maintenance issues with the print fleet can be time consuming to resolve, wasting valuable man hours and leading to frustration amongst the workforce when trying to print on demand.A Managed Print Service outsources the management of your fleet to one central provider freeing up time for internal staff to concentrate on core areas of the business.There are a range of real time monitoring and analytics tools, which enable continual monitoring and evaluation of the print fleet to address any problematic areas.


  1. Reduce operational costs and save money 


It’s quite a common scenario, organisations tend to procure their printers on an ad-hoc basis, which results in an array of devices, which require different consumables, this can quickly escalate into a costly and inefficient situation.A Managed Print Service provides a structured process to the procurement of your print fleet in regards to the hardware, as well as consumables and makes it much simpler to manage.


  1. Reduce capital expenditure and improve cash flow


A Managed Print Service removes the need for costly upfront investment on hardware and removes the headache of costly depreciation on office equipment.In turn, this can improve cash flow for a business, budgeting is far easier because the Managed Print Service model provides one monthly fee, which encompasses hardware, supplies and maintenance.The procurement model is much more efficient, consumables are delivered just as they are needed, so businesses no longer have to stockpile inventory and billing is far more accurate and simplistic, thanks to automated meter readings pulled directly from the devices.


  1. Reduce your environmental footprint


Office printing has a significant environmental impact through electricity consumption and paper use, right through to the development and product lifecycle of the hardware and consumables.A Managed Print Service can assist with reducing environmental impact to make a business much more sustainable.Simple changes such as rules based printing, whereby certain privileges are set against users and departments and setting mono printing as default and pushing print to lower cost devices, along with auto power off and utilising pull print technology to minimise print waste can all have a significant impact.Automating labour intensive, paper-based processes into electronic document workflows will also assist greatly in this area.


  1. Improve document security


One of the key elements of a Managed Print Service is rationalisation of the printer fleet, consolidating the number of devices across the business and the removal of personal desktop devices to provide a balanced deployment of shared workgroup devices across the organisation.It is not uncommon to face resistance from users in this scenario, and typically one of the barriers is that documents won’t be secure if printed to a share device on the network.In fact, the opposite is true, as a much more secure solution is on offer, if solutions such as pull print technology is installed, which enables users to authenticate themselves at the device via PIN, proximity card or even via a fingerprint, which ensures sensitive documents remain in safe hands and reduces print waste.


  1. Smarter working practices

A Managed Print Service is not just about printing, it’s about understanding the lifecycle of documents across the entire organisation.Analysing your key business processes and looking at which of those are paper based and labour intensive that could be transformed into electronic document workflows, which removes human intervention, enabling the business to streamline efficiencies and focus on other areas, freeing up vital man hours.


  1. Creating simplicity & uniformity across the fleet

Implementing a Managed Print Service can simplify the management of your print fleet by standardising the types of devices available, which makes it far easier to manage.From a user perspective, standardisation helps adoption of new technology, as they are familiar with the devices across the organisation, this is extremely useful across multiple site deployments.


  1. Driving business growth

The savings that can be made with a Managed Print Service are significant, especially across a larger business with a high volume of devices.Such savings will enable the business to potentially reinvest into their business to grow and develop even further.


If you would like a no-obligation quote assessment of your current print infrastructure to identify where potential saving could made, please contact our team today.



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