A Managed Print Service (MPS) is a structured deployment of printers and multifunctional devices (MFDs) that starts with a thorough assessment and audit of the current environment to make improvement under a new management provision. A capable MPS provider will look at ways to continually improve and optimise the fleet over the short, medium and long-term, so that the client’s benefits are maximised and further costs reductions and environmental impact can be achieved.


Here are some elements to consider to assist with developing an effective managed print strategy for your organisation:


  1. Stop buying equipment

It’s typical for most Managed Print Service providers to advise on all new equipment, but take a moment to really look at what equipment you already have in place and if it could still be used. Also, consider are they the right type of device for the job in question, especially if its doing high output volumes.  Another element to consider is the procurement model of the business, stop individuals and departments buying their own equipment, this is a really costly way to procure and is completely inefficient, not just for the hardware purchase, but the ongoing consumables too.


  1. Discover what you have

Before deciding the best step forward, you need to ascertain what devices you already have across the business.  So, it’s important to think about how many devices you have, current print volumes and usage patterns.  A comprehensive print audit of the entire fleet, along with calculating the total cost of ownership of your current print infrastructure will assist with this.


  1. Outsource print management

When a thorough assessment has been undertaken to assess print usage and volumes across the business it’s a logical step to consider outsourcing the management of the print fleet onto an MPS model.  This brings the benefits of no upfront capital expenditure and a usage based procurement model with one monthly fee covering supplies, service and support.


  1. Optimise your fleet

A new MPS provision shouldn’t be the end of the story.  It should be an evolving, ongoing process, working closely with your partner to regular review print usage across the business and to implement improvements to further optimise your print infrastructure and continue to reap the rewards.


A Print Management Strategy is an effective way to reduce expenses and increase productivity. As such, companies with these objectives should seriously consider implementing strategies to manage their office printing expenses.


If you would like a no-obligation quote assessment of your current print infrastructure to identify where potential saving could made, please contact our team today.


Source: https://www.xerox.com/downloads/usa/en/w/whitepaper_mps.pdf

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